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Taxi fare from Haridwar to Dehradun Sedan 1599 Book Now
SUV 2199 Book Now
Taxi fare from Haridwar to Delhi Sedan 2699 Book Now
SUV 3899 Book Now
Taxi fare from Haridwar to Faridabad Sedan 3200 Book Now
Sedan 3444 Book Now
Taxi fare from Haridwar to Faridabad SUV 4444 Book Now
Taxi fare from Haridwar to Ghaziabad Sedan 3099 Book Now
SUV 4199 Book Now
Taxi fare from Haridwar to Gurgaon Sedan 3499 Book Now
SUV 4499 Book Now
Taxi fare from Haridwar to Jolly Grant Sedan 1399 Book Now
SUV 1799 Book Now
Taxi fare from Haridwar to Mussoorie Sedan 2499 Book Now
SUV 3399 Book Now
Taxi fare from Haridwar to Noida Sedan 3199 Book Now
SUV 4299 Book Now
Taxi fare from Haridwar to Rishikesh Sedan 1099 Book Now
SUV 1599 Book Now

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Taxi service from Delhi to Uttarakhand - one side pickup or drop

Haridwar is an ancient city and important Hindu pilgrimage site in North India's Uttarakhand state, where the River Ganges exits the Himalayan foothills. The largest of several sacred ghats (bathing steps), HarKi Pauri hosts a nightly Ganga Aarti (river-worshipping ceremony) in which tiny flickering lamps are floated off the steps. Worshipers fill the city during major festivals including the annual Kanwar Mela. Considered as one of the 7 holiest places in India, Haridwar is a major pilgrim spot located in the state of Uttarakhand. The origins of the city dates back to the ancient Hindu texts. It is one of the 7 places where drops of the elixir of life that erupted from the Samundra Manthan or the Churning of the Seas by the Devas and the Asuras leading to its creation. The city came under the reign of the ancient dynasties like the Mauryas and the Kushana and is mentioned in the texts of the Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang Here.

Visiting Place in Haridwar

Har Ki Pauri Har Ki Pauri

One of the most revered places in Haridwar, Har ki Pauri literally means the Lords Footsteps. "Har" means "Lord Shiva" who is the god according to shaivite Rishav Bhagwan school of Hindu theology, "Ki" means "of" and "Pauri" means "steps". The area is famous for being the location of the Kumbha Mela and the Ardha Kumbha Mela

Chandi Devi Temple Chandi Devi Temple

The temple is dedicated to Chandi Devi, a form of the Hindu deity Durga. The Chandi Devi Temple is one of the most ancient temples in India and attracts thousands of pilgrims during the festivals of Navratra and the Kumbha Mela. Chandi Devi Temple is highly revered by devotees as a Siddh Peetha which is a place of worship where desires get fulfilled

Maya Devi Temple Maya Devi Temple

The temple is dedicated to Maya Devi an incarnation of Shakti and dates back to the 11th century AD. After Haridwar was plundered by The Central Asian conqueror Timur Lang this temple was one of the 4 ancient temples. that were still intact. It is also the place where the heart and navel of the Goddess Sati fell after she immolated herself and is known as the Shakti Peetha