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Mussoorie Shopping: Everything You Need To Know!!

The quaint town of Mussoorie in India has a colonial charm, beautiful churches, and a picturesque setting. A tourist hotspot in the Himalayan foothills, this place is thronged with tourists all year long. 

There are plenty of things available to shop for in Mussoorie, including woolen clothing, lamps, home décor, and wooden items. We’ve put together a little shopping guide for you about Mussoorie.

Mussoorie Shopping: What Should You Buy?

It would not be a vacation if there wasn’t some wholesome retail therapy, too, and Mussoorie is no exception. This place is full of intriguing shops and markets.

The wide selection of shopping items in Mussoorie includes clothing, knick-knacks, jewelry, and more.

  • Woolen Clothes: 

Woolen clothes are indispensable for shopping in Mussoorie. You can find woolen dresses, pullovers, caps, mufflers, and scarves all over town.

  • Brass And Wooden Items: 

Wooden items like boxes, walking sticks, and various artifacts are some of the wonderful things to buy in Mussoorie. Mussoorie is also popular for its brass items, especially its statues and home décor items.

  • What you need: 

While you are street shopping in Mussoorie, you can find items like fashionable bags, footwear, and junk pieces of jewelry at the Tibetan market.

  • Mementos: 

The best mementos and knick-knacks to buy in Mussoorie include prayer wheels, lampshades, porcelain items, etc., to give as gifts.

7 Spots For Shopping In Mussoorie:

Check out this list of amazing places to enjoy shopping in Mussoorie. Enjoy shopping in these markets while on vacation. Check it out!

  • The Mall Road: Enjoy A Shopping Spree.
  • Tibetan Market: Shop for Artifacts and Carpets.
  • Library Bazaar: Also known as The Gandhi Chowk.
  • Kulri Bazaar: Find silver jewelry here.
  • Classic Emporium: Treat yourself to Tibetan sculptures.
  • Himalayan Weavers: Hats, Shawls, And Sweaters.
  • Sisters Bazaar: Bakery Items and Antiques.
  1. The Mall Road: Enjoy A Shopping Spree.

Among the most popular places in Mussoorie to shop is Mall Road. Featuring a variety of local shops that specialize in souvenirs, knick-knacks, apparel, and home décor, this market is always bustling and crowded. 

It offers a wide selection of products, ranging from handwoven shawls to local handicrafts to wood items.

  1. Tibetan Market: Shop for Artifacts and Carpets.

A major shopping destination in the heart of Mussoorie is the Tibetan Market, which offers a wide variety of artifacts, handicrafts, stylish clothing, and jewelry at a relatively low price.

This place attracts tourists all year round due to its wide array of fascinating items. Make sure you negotiate before buying anything.

  1. Library Bazaar: Also known as The Gandhi Chowk.

Library Bazaar is another place where you can walk for street shopping. Its name comes from the vintage library that sits atop the market. Several shops selling wooden items, Chinese vases, trinkets, and electronic items line the market. 

A huge statue of Mahatma Gandhi stands inside the market, hence it is called Gandhi Chowk.

  1. Kulri Bazaar: Find silver jewelry here.

The Kulri Bazaar is a popular place to shop in Mussoorie for apparel, handicrafts, stylish footwear, silver jewelry, delightful cakes, and confections.

A collection of cozy restaurants, hotels, and cafes, Kulri Bazaar is one of the main attractions of the hill station.

  1. Classic Emporium: Treat yourself to Tibetan sculptures.

Classic Emporium is a stunning shop nearby Mall Road that displays Tibetan sculptures, porcelain objects, handcrafted lampshades, and exclusive jewelry items.

About 40 years ago, this shop began as a manufacturing unit for walking sticks, but now it is one of Mussoorie’s most popular shopping spots.

  1. Himalayan Weavers: Hats, Shawls, And Sweaters.

Himalayan Weaver is a unique shop that was established in 2005 on the Mussoorie-Dhanaulti Road in Mussoorie. 

Shop here to pick out the most beautiful scarves, sweaters, stoles, and pure Pashmina shawls.

  1. Sisters Bazaar: Bakery Items and Antiques.

Sisters Bazaar is another market in Mussoorie you must visit for shopping. It has two main shops that you should not miss. In this market is the Landour Bakehouse, a bakery that has an impressive selection of sweets like brownies, biscuits, and dry cakes.

The bakehouse even serves aromatic coffee. Additionally, you’ll find stalls selling woolen clothing and antiques to bring home as souvenirs.


Mussoorie might not be a shopaholic’s paradise, tourists still venture into the hill station to pick up some items. You can book a cab from Delhi to Mussoorie to enjoy your road trip to the fullest and experience the very best of this hill station and its shopping areas.

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