Delhi to Haridwar

Haridwar- “The gateway of the Ganga”

Haridwar, one of India’s seven holiest cities, is known as the Gateway of Ganga. Let’s explore what you may see in Haridwar on your next visit.

Haridwar, is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage places located in the state of Uttarakhand. Here, the river Ganga joins the plains after a 157-kilometer journey. This earned the city the name Gangadwara, which literally means “The Gateway of Ganga.”

It is one of seven holiest sites, and is cherished by followers. Consequently, the Har ki Pauri ghat is revered by the gods. Thousands of people congregate around the ghat, thus creating a chaotic, yet humbling, scene.

Also, Husang Tsang, an ancient Chinese explorer, mentioned Haridwar in his works. Thomas Coryat, an English adventurer who visited the city during the reign of Jahangir, referred to it as ‘Haridwar,’ the capital of Lord Shiva.

Ideal Route to travel:

About 225 kilometers from Delhi, Haridwar is located in the Himalayas. One can arrive at Haridwar from Delhi in around 4 to 5 hours through the national highway 334.

The ideal way to explore the route with your friends or family is to book an online cab from Delhi to Haridwar thus enjoying the trip to the holy city.

Here are some places to visit and things to do in Haridwar-

1. Har Ki pauri: This ghat is said to be the exit point of the sacred river Ganga. Ganga aarti, a huge ritual, takes place in Brahmakund, an area at Har ki Pauri.

The Kumbh mela, the biggest mela in the world, also takes place in Har ki Pauri.

2. The Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary: The location is 10 kilometers from Haridwar on the banks of the Ganga River; the sanctuary showcases various animal species such as tigers, deer, elephants, peacocks, hawks, etc.

One can also enjoy the scenic view of the mighty Ganga rushing past the sanctuary.

3. Shantikunj Ashram: It is a well-known ashram in Haridwar located 5 kilometers from Har ki Pauri. Citizens from all over the globe visit this ashram.

4. Mansa Devi Temple: One of Haridwar’s sacred temples dedicated to the Goddess Mansa Devi and is located in the Bilwa parvat. This temple is a famous Sidhpeeth and also offers an incredible view of the city.

5. Swami Vivekananda Park: This park is famous for being the most gorgeous of all the parks in Haridwar. It is surrounded by beautiful green flora of all kinds.

The park owns a huge statue of Swami Vivekananda and Lord Shiva. Also offering a startling sight of Har ki Pauri; this park is an ultimate picnic spot.

6. Chandi Devi Temple: Positioned at a distance of 4 kilometers from the city in Neel Parvat Chandi Devi temple is a much admired temple.

According to legends, Adi Shankaracharya constructed the goddess’ idol in the 8th century AD.

7. Kankhal: One of the five important pilgrimage places known as “Panch Teerth” in Haridwar is Khankal, a small colony located in Haridwar.

8. Moti Bazaar: It is one of the renowned and the ancient markets in Haridwar and is located on the Northern side of the upper road of the canal. You could also buy here lots of variety fashion wear or accessories with very cheap rates.

Here individuals can buy colorful bangles, beads, candies, Ayurveda medicine and much more.

9. Jwalapur Market: This market sells the lot from traditional items to modern goods and also small jewelery and various craft items. For the rest of your days, street food vendors and restaurants will tempt you to ignore your eating habits and routines.

10. Bara Bazaar: It is located on the railway road and sells devout and traditional products. It is also well-known for the sale of jewels and ayurvedic medications.


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